Our Story

SMILE Butterfly - SMILE is an acroynm that stands for Sparking Motivation in Learning Environments

Founded in 2013, SMILE Butterfly was established as part of a need to satisfy our spirit of giving back. From shared stories and learned experiences, we were inspired to be agents of change and help to provide students accessible support to education on a global level. We launched our first campaign in Jamaica by partnering with Nain Primary and Junior High School in the parish of St. Elizabeth. Utilizing the transformative powers of connections, we reached out to our network for help in supporting our mission. The response to our call-to-action was overwhelming and we were able to collect donations of basic school supplies, books and backpacks and ship them directly to the school for the start of the 2013 school year. With the support of our wonderful network of supporters and donors, we are able to create wings of opportunity for the students of Nain Primary and Junior High School. SMILE Butterfly!